Aluminium door and window frames

The materials used by MASTOR Energy Systems for the production and installation of door and window frames are of good quality and are based on international standards. Large companies such as ALUMIL, ALUMINCO, ELVIAL and ΕΤΕΜ are making MASTOR Aluminium one of their top partners.

MASTOR offers solutions for any type of construction. From fairly easy solutions to large and demanding construction projects.

ALUMIL sells the ideal systems for your home’s doors and windows. Our extensive product portfolio, including multiple solutions for opening, sliding or folding doors and windows, embodies all the expertise of the company’s R&D department and is characterised by products that are highly aesthetic and of excellent functionality. Aiming at maximum quality, ALUMIL’s highly energy efficient aluminium doors and windows constitute the first choice for both new construction and renovation projects where a compromise is not an option.

ALUMINCO offers modern architectural and construction solutions based on aluminium. The company’s production centre includes integrated processing, electrostatic painting, mounting, finishing, packaging and storage units for the products produced and delivered. All the aluminium systems and railings are designed, developed and tested at the company’s R&D department and then certified by recognised institutes and international organisations such as the German IFT Rosenheim, the Italian Instituto Giordano, the EKANAL (Greek centre for the development of aluminium), and others.

ELVIAL studies, designs and develops advanced aluminium systems to meet all requirements successfully. Its objective is to become a very reliable supplier of aluminium systems and profiles for home and special industrial applications. ELVIAL has defined its position and its commercial strategy unwaveringly since 1997 when it placed its first architectural systems on the market. The company respects its partners and its agreements, and builds long-term relationships of trust. In light of this, it wishes to improve continuously by providing the best possible solutions to its partners.

ETEM is a pioneering company in the field of aluminium extrusion and is ranked among the most promising companies in south-eastern Europe. ETEM was established in 1971 and is the first company to design and produce integrated architectural systems and profiles made of aluminium for industrial applications in Greece. The aim of ETEM is to design and manufacture products that help to improve daily life at home and at work.