Highly aesthetic products with unique advantages

In addition to the design and construction of door and window frames, MASTOR Energy Systems offers a range of entrance doors for multiple purposes that provide functionality and reliability. They are made of aluminium, with stainless steel decorative details, glass and various optional accessories that facilitate access. They are guaranteed and characterised by their discreet design. They are ideal for homes, offices and various buildings.

Design doors

The MD2 model is characterised by its design and quality. The surface, with its asymmetrical lines, combined with its stainless steel handle, portrays unique prestige and timeliness. It can be combined with one or two fixed sandblasted glass surfaces and a 3D effect. It consists of a stainless steel handle and is painted with a choice of Structura colours.

The MD5 model is based on the asymmetrical design of the glass and aluminium, with wood stain. An option standing out for its design and look. The three parallel stainless steel rods, together with the stainless steel handle produce an impressive result. All the safety and control systems can be mounted on this door.

Modern doors

Modern and impressive. Designed in detail and a sense of aesthetics. The MM1 model is characterised by its dynamics, stainless steel details and wood texture surface. It has an inside handle and fully satisfies the needs of any home. An ideal combination with a fixed sandblasted glass window.

The MM6 model is robust with beautiful features. Here, architecture is combined with functionality and appearance. The 15 parallel stainless steel surfaces meet the vertical wooden texture and together with the stainless steel handle create an impressive door.

Classic doors

Purely minimal design with a classic form. Dominated by the 4 horizontal engravings and the tubular handle. The MC1 model can accommodate all the safety systems on its impressive profile.

The MC9 door offers functionality and safety, which make it a unique element of classic decoration. It can be painted with all RAL colours and wood texture.

Interior buildings

Neat wood lines in a variety of natural veneer, and also lacquer coatings, with a possibility for further parametrisation using pantograph designs. The WOOD category offers flexibility and the possibility to customise your needs.

The LAMINATE category offers modern highly aesthetic materials at particularly competitive prices. Laminate doors are suitable for indoor use and offer a variety of colours and modern decorative elements.