Reliability of materials

G-U is known worldwide for its innovative, safe and reliable solutions for door & window frame accessories and door automation. The future of systems. G-U does not simply offer quality products, it also offers solutions that are consistent in all respects. It has a unique service department based on the huge flexibility of its products.

From the first mechanism for home roller blinds, which marked the end of rotating handles, to smart homes, in the past 50 years, Somfy has helped millions of customers around the world and has made their life easier. Day after day, the company envisions, for you and together with you, a future home that is more comfortable, more reliable and safer. It creates new, reliable and resistant solutions that improve your daily life and ensure your peace of mind.

Your home on your smartphone!

Somfy provides all the solutions that you need to control your daily life at home.

Make your life simpler with the TaHoma application for cell phones. You will be able to control all your household appliances from your smartphone from wherever you may be.