Synthetic door and window frames

Highly aesthetic products with unique advantages

MASTOR Aluminium’s reliable partner for PVC doors and windows. It satisfies the requirements for high level quality and service. The range of SALAMANDER products is designed to meet all the requirements of architectural applications.

SALAMANDER’s PVC profiles were designed for PEOPLE and their needs. There are 4 different SALAMANDER architectural systems in various formats for each application, small or large, easy or difficult, where the German Salamander Industrie-Produkte GmbH is its official supplier. The BlueEvolution and Streamline ranges have been specially designed for the weather conditions in Greece and are ready for use. The SALAMANDER systems are an ideal solution, with a low maintenance cost, while in case of replacements they are fully recyclable, thus actively helping to protect the environment.

Streamline SL 76

SALAMANDER Streamline SL 76 is the ideal choice for anybody wishing to transform their home into a unique masterpiece. A variety of geometric profiles is available for the most demanding contractors. It also ensures extra comfort and significantly lower energy consumption. The latest technology with a 5-chamber system, 76mm wide construction and two sealing levels. Streamline SL 76 promises optimal thermal and sound insulation and high safety levels.

• Number of chambers: 5 chambers
• Frame width: 76mm
• Sheet width: 82mm
• Glazing up to 48mm.
• Heat permeability coefficient: Uf=1.3 W/(m2*K)
• Sound insulation up to 46 dB
• Wind permeability (EN12211): Class C2
• Anti-theft protection: Category 2

• A wide range of impressive colours for the special UV radiation protection film.
• An impressive super white colour, soft-texture, high- quality PVC coating.
• Long-term durability under bad weather conditions (IFT Rosenheim certificates)
• Environmentally friendly
• Made in Germany

Blue Evolution

The bluEvolution 92 profile system is geared towards the future thanks to its cutting-edge technology with a modern and realistic design. It is the new generation of world class profiles. The 92mm thick optimised 6-chamber profile provides superior thermal insulation and excellent energy efficiency. Combined with a width of only 118mm, you will benefit from the sun thanks to its high light frequency. It is environmentally sustainable and 100% recyclable.

SALAMANDER’s Blue Evolution 92 range of door and window frames offers the following advantages:
• A large collection of impressive special coating colours;
• Long-term durability under bad weather conditions (IFT Rosenheim certificates)
• Large energy reserves (Uf = 1.0 W/( m2K)
• Environmentally friendly

• Number of chambers: 6 chambers
• Frame width: 92mm
• Sheet width: 92mm
• Glazing up to 52mm.
• Heat permeability coefficient: Uf=1,0 W/(m2*K)
• Wind permeability Class 4
• Anti-theft protection: Category RC2